LOV Pottery, LLC 

7607 Lakeridge Dr.
Ocean Springs, MS  39564

Who We Are

 It all began with my career change from managment to teaching.  Talk about stress!!!! Then some friends of mine decided that we should take a pottery class.  I remember it well, the first time I opened that first bag/pug of clay, it was all over and I was addicted.  From this one little Saturday afternoon class, I was led to more classes and moved my pottery making from a table in the spare bedroom to an outside shed with a table for handbuilding, a potter's wheel for throwing, a rack for drying and a sink for cleaning up.  It is in the shed that I would go every day after school to practice and make my pottery. 

 Now the Lord either enjoys a good practical joke or has led me into bigger and better things, but after several years in my little shed, our local clay supplier decided to hang it up.  After several discussions with my husband, alot of praying and hand wringing, we decided to open up a business to sell clay and pottery when he shut down.  In the beginning (the first 6 months), I thought it'd be no problem teaching, making pottery and selling clay & supplies.  Boy, was I wrong.  It's funny how things work though, because right in the middle of me trying to decide whether or not to give up teaching, we experienced a family crisis which kinda made my mind up for me.  I absolutely loved teaching and dealing with the students, but felt that something would be shorted, either the children or the business so I prayed and cried and finally was led to the decision to quit teaching. 

So here we are.  The students helped me come up with the name "Land O Voz" and LOV stands for LandOVoz.  My husband and partner doesn't really care for the name Land O Voz, so we came up with this acroymn for the pottery side.  We have divided our business into the Land O Voz, LLC for clay, glaze, bisque and other pottery supplies - catering to the needs of all the talented artists and potters that come our way; while LOV Pottery is dedicated to selling pottery, wholesale and retail. 

All our pottery is completely handmade of stoneware clay, foodsafe glazes and then fired to over 2,000oF.   Our pieces can go into microwave, dishwasher and oven.  Because each piece is handmade and hand painted, no two pieces will ever be exactly alike.