LOV Pottery, LLC 

7607 Lakeridge Dr.
Ocean Springs, MS  39564

We want you to enjoy displaying and using our pottery so we keep it simple.

A prepackaged Veggie Pack from Wal-Mart fits perfectly into our Veggie Set (SPC3).  Our Veggie Set includes the Large Plate (LSQPL), the Dip Bowl (SFFB) and 4 Individual Serving Plates (SSQPL)

For a Bridge Party, we served homemade mini quiches on our X-Large Oval Serving Platter (XLOPL)

Antipasto anyone????  It was beautifully served on our X-Large Rectangular Serving Platter.  (XLRTPL)

Our Fish Plate (FPL) and small dish (SOD).  We served Tuna Fish and Crackers to the gang. 

Chips and Dip anyone?  This is Ala Carte Alice Creme Brulee Cheese Ball in our Large French Bread Tray (LFBTR) with matching bowl.
This is an example of our Salad Set (SPC1) which includes a Large Salad Bowl (LFFB) and 4 individual salad bowls (SLB).

This is a Pecan Pie that I cooked in this Pie Plate (PPL), then froze it, later thawed, microwaved, and served all out of the same Pie Plate.

Above is Captain Rodney's Dip cooked, and served in our Pie Plate (PPL)
A little dark but you can see one of the many uses of our little versatile rectangle plate.  Change tray, key tray, pencil tray, etc.